Monday, January 12, 2009

Mad about Macarons!

{image from MadMac}

Today I've picked up last minute things for Thursday's show including macarons from MadMac.
I will be packaging these little bites of heaven and handing them out to guests as a little parting gift.
Florian & Ludevic are the geniuses behind MadMac. They are both reknowned pastry chefs from France and are the sweetest & kindest people. They also make madeleines and are currently revamping their site so be sure to check back for their latest products!
Macarons have been a long time favorite and add the perfect touch for weddings & events. You can serve them as part of your dessert table or hand them out as favors! Your guests will love them! With their pretty assortment of colors and their delicacy, they truly are eye candy at its best. Here are a few photos from my visit today at their headquarters.


  1. I have never heard of MadMac. Thanks for sharing a new macaron company. I am totally obsessed with macaron and every time I travel, I scavenge for new places to try.

    Beautiful stationary by the way. Do you ship internationally?

  2. Hi Sarah! They are delicious! Thanks and yes I can ship internationally!